Darwin Tiny Ape: fly to the moon??

This time, I got a customer from South Tangerang, He sent me his troubled Micro Quad. it was a Darwin Tiny Ape (2.5 inch micro quad), however he tried to assembled by himself using a Crazybee F411 Pro RX Flight Controller.

He sent it to me because it just simply unable to fly (just flip and suddenly disarm). Okay then, we’ll check it later.

The frame itself looks promising, thick arm with braces to enforces each arm. unfortunately, the standoff is made of nylons (M2 i guess).

Here is the highlight of its specs:

Credits: Aliexpress/Google Images

The FC itself is a decent one, it has complete feature and somehow ‘more than enough’ 20A ESC for tiny build like this (overkill somehow :))), you can add your own expresslrs receiver (UART 2 is available tho), as UART 1 is already prepared for VTX (TBS’s Smart Audio).

LIst to do:

  • Check board alignment/orientation
  • Check ESC’s firmware
  • Check Motor direction
  • Bind
  • Try to have maiden flight :))

October 9th, 2022

  • Board alignment (Checked – Done, previously, the owner got it wrong in installing the FC
    (please check the arrow on the board))
    If you want to install a FC on your preferences, you can adjust the orientation on Betaflight Configurator tho.
  • ESC Firmware (Checked – Done, the owner uses BlueJay for the firmware (just make sure he install a same version on each esc)))

October 15th, 2022

After rebuilding the micro quad, dealing with gyro orientation mostly, finally now can fly smoothly and perfectly.


1 thought on “Darwin Tiny Ape: fly to the moon??

  1. hope it can fly again sir since this is a very well-played quad.. My son has proven it using my colleague’s quad with the same motor, same prop, same esc fw, same PID tuning, but different only in its FC.

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