In this section, I will explain some terminologies in FPV RC world, including Cars & Drone 🙂


this is quite self explain, Radio/transmitter/TX used for controlling your device (cars & drone), there are so many brands around, from the old one to the brand new one.

Radio have their own protocol (protocol is a language used for radio talking to the receiver in your device), some Radio like Radiomaster and Jumper may include multiprotocol module, so that it can ‘talks’ to several receiver exist in this universe 😛


Receiver is a device used to receive the command from transmitter or radio, usually and most of all times, this device is installed on the RC Cars/Drone, it has several wiring according to the setup

For those who are using flight controller, it can be wired to 5V, Gnd, Signal (Sbus/Ibus), for RC cars, usually using PWM/3 pin servo connector



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