Jumper T-Lite V2 (bricked internal module)

This time, I got a brand new Jumper T-Lite V2 (the one with ELRS Internal Module). This customer said that he got flashed the wrong firmware, as I got the information, this radio using a custom ELRS firmware for the internal module (2.5.1 perhaps). He manage to install Jumper AION 2.4 firmware to the internal module, as everyone expected, it bricked…

Thanks to new feature of EdgeTX, now it has USB Passthrough, it really helps us to directly flash the internal module without messing the EdgeTX installation.

things to do when you face this situation:

  • proper USB type C Cable (make sure the USB cable is proven that can transmit data from and to your computer)
  • Latest ExpressLRS Configurator (can be downloaded here)
    • for downloading 3.0.0 ELRS firmware
    • for downloading V3 Lua script (how to download a lua script, can be found here)
  • STM32 Driver on your computer (especially for windows computer)
  • Patience 🙂

Okay then, lets start to flash:

  1. After you download and install ExpressLRS Configurator, please open it.
  2. choose releases, choose (3.0.0)
  3. choose target (Jumper 2.4 Ghz)
  4. choose device (Jumper AION T-Lite 2400TX)
  5. choose flashing method
    1. if your internal module able to go to wifi mode, you can choose wifi
    2. if you have FTDI adapter and willing to tear up the radio, choose UART
    3. (make sure your Radio has the latest EdgeTX firmware :P) if you want some less challenging and easier method, choose EdgeTX Passthrough (thx to the new feature 🙂 )
    4. Turn on your radio.
    5. plug your usb type c cable to your computer and your radio
    6. on your radio, after you plug your radio, it will show 3 option, choose the last one (USB Serial/Debugging)
    7. Press enter on your Radio
    8. then you can click “Build & Flash”
    9. sit back and relax, prepare a cup of coffe 🙂

If shits happens 

“Bad Size Given” Error

V2 and V3 handles partition differently (as they moved towards unified target), so when you flash V3 firmware to your module with V2 firmware, the file size get messed up and you get “Bad Size Given” error.

The fix is to download “repartitioner.bin“, on WiFi page, upload this file instead of firmware file. It’s going to say target mismatch, select flash anyway.

Now flash the V3 firmware again, it should go through this time.

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